School Senior and Prom Photo Shoot Booking

What Is A Senior Prom Photo?

For the purpose of this booking, this category includes any photos taken as part of a school related activity. The photographer will take head shots, 3/4 shots, and full length photos in a variety of poses.

Why take Professional Prom Portraits?

Like any other once in a lifetime event, you’d want to make sure we take the best pictures possible to commemorate this special day in your life. The photos we take, unlike mobile phone photos, don’t get lost when you get a new phone. We achieve our photos at multiple locations and on the cloud to keep them available for our customers years down the road. The pictures we print in our studio are rated to last between 200 years, for color photos, and 400 years, for black and white photos, without losing their vibrance, if well kept.

Where to take Senior Prom Portraits?

The highest quality pictures are typically taken inside a professional studio that is well-equipped with high quality cameras, lenses and lighting systems. One of the great advantages is the ability to retouch your makeup any minute during the shoot, in a climate controlled environment. Another as not having to walk and a prom dress and high heels from one location to another. You can take a wide variety of pictures in one place.

We understand that and you may want to take the pictures outdoors because of the familiarity of outdoor senior pictures taken by freelance photographers. We do make this option available to you.

Why choose Pix Plaza Studio?

Pix Plaza studio checks all the boxes on professional portrait requirements: 

  • Professional Photographers: The studio photographers have a minimum of 5 years of experience. Our lead photographer has over 20 year of experience in professional photography, twelve years of which are in studio photography
  • High-end photography equipment: We use top of the line cameras, lenses and lighting systems to offer our photographers the professional tools that live up to their level of expertise, and deliver to our client the highest quality photographs for their professional image.
  • Hair and makeup on site: the studio has three hair and makeup stations ready for full makeup application, and retouches right before and during the photo shoot, as needed. Hair styling and full makeup applications, if desired, must be booked separately.
  • One hour turnaround: photos taken in our commercial professional studio are generally technically ready to deliver right out of the camera. The only time needed is to download the images onto our workstation and then delivering them to the client on their preferred medium. However, the photographer may desire to add artistic touches to the photos, or need to edit our certain skin blemishes at the request of the client; the time required for such edits varies, and the photographer will be able to give a reasonable estimate of the time needed to complete the work.
  • Should photos need more editing than minor blemishes retouching, or if you desire artwork-quality editing of your photos, look no further than Pix Plaza Studio where we master the art of photo editing. Our goal is to always give our clients a deep sense of satisfaction, with a thrill, when they look at their photos.
  • Professional Prints in-house: We have 7 printers at our studio that we use to print the highest quality pictures on professional photography paper and museum-quality art media, from 4″ to 44″ wide, including long panorama prints for art work wall display. Want your pictures framed? Ask our studio manager how to get the best quality and prices from the framing shops affiliated with our studio.

Portrait Photography Packages

We understand and appreciate the unique, and we want your pictures to be as unique. Therefore, and to best serve our clients, we did away with boxed packages that restricted both our clients and photographers. We now offer a standard service that can be customized to each client’s needs. 

Our standard senior session includes:

  • As many pictures as can be taken during the booked session
  • We take as many photos as needed and sort through to select the best looks
  • Our standard workflow includes optimizing and posting online all the digital images that we like on our website for you to access any time and from anywhere, on any mobile device. You can freely share the photos on social media, but only you can download the photos directly from our website.
  • You can always order picture prints in the studio or later when you browse the photos online. Ask your photographer, or studio manager, to enable the option to place proof or print orders online.

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