Professional Photo Shoot

Photo shoot sessions for professionals for client’s professional use

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  • Passport Photos

    Photo Session

    Take professional photos that meet the requirements of the Department of State for passport or visa application photos, and the requirements of other countries, including Canada. We keep passport photos digital file (digital negative) for 6 months in case you need to additional passport pictures printed.

    $79.00$109.00 Select options
  • Professional Profile Photos


    Photos for professionals (doctors, dentists, lawyers, Realtors, Bankers, CEOs …) for professional use (business card, brochure,  posters, signs, website photos, online profile …)
    Three professional poses in one or two professional outfits. Duration of the session is 30 minutes.
    Photo sessions can be booked as an individual session, or a group session (up to 10 individuals in one session)

    $99.00$849.00 Select options
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