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Modeling for Pix Plaza, purposes, model payment, free modeling portfolio photo shoot, and sign up. Read this article to learn about this modeling opportunity and contact us if you have any question.

Modeling Services

We provide modeling photo shoots, model training and coaching, model portfolio and model comp card for agency applications as services for individual who want to make modeling a professional career, advance their modeling skills, build up experience, and increase their exposure and chances of being selected for modeling jobs and placement by agencies and brands.

Modeling for Pix Plaza Studio

Pix Plaza studio is an all-in-one photo and media production studio. Our photography services are available for personal, professional, business and commercial client’s use. At Pix Plaza, we never use our customers image for marketing, sales or promotions. Therefore, we work with models to create the genuine media material we need.

Pix Plaza’s clients and scope of work are diverse. Hence, modeling for Pix Plaza represents a great opportunity for models expands their skill set and exposure.


1. Promotion

We work with models to promote our:

  1. Photography equipment and supplies for rent or sale in store and online
  2. Photography services for everyday individuals
  3. Photography & Video Services for professionals
  4. Photography & Video Services for businesses
  5. Photography & Video Services for commercial projects
  6. Marketing & Advertising Services
  7. Print Services
  8. Studio rental to professional photographers
  9. Studio wardrobe for rent or sale

2. Techniques & Testing

We work with models to test:

  1. Different studio layouts for different projects
  2. New photo/video equipment we continually add
  3. Specific studio and equipment setups for upcoming clients jobs
  4. Creative photography and lighting techniques
  5. Calibration of sharpness, fine details and color rendering of our giclée printings technique on fine art media on our 8 in-house printers

3. Training

Our models help with our 1-on-1 and group training workshop for

  1. Novice photographers on photo/video equipment and techniques
  2. Intermediate level photographers to advance to pro level by sharpening their technique and editing skills and turning their hobby into a profession
  3. Professional photographers by fine tuning their photography techniques and advanced editing skills for commercial and fine art lines of work
  4. Novice models to learn the skills needed for fashion shows and other genres of modeling.

4. Weddings simulation

Before certain weddings, we do test shoots to:

  1. Simulate the venue lighting setup
  2. Test our equipments and lights for all planned stages of our photo and video plan for the wedding
  3. Color calibrate for the bride’s complexion and makeup
  4. Test ideas for uniques shots and video clips

See on page 2: Modeling for Pix Plaza, payment arrangements, sign up and how to schedule a free modeling photo shoot.

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