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Where to take professional photos?

The ideal location to take professional photos is in a professional studio that is well-equipped with high quality cameras, lenses and lighting systems.

A professional studio gives photographers ultimate control of their lighting and equipment, and allows them to focus more on their art and creativity than on lighting in ever changing ambient light outdoors, or inadequate lights indoors.

Why choose Pix Plaza Studio?

Pix Plaza studio offers unlimited options to photographers and content creators, and complete set of service to its customers. Here is a list of the main reason why Pix Plaza studio is the #1 choice for professional photography and multimedia production on the gulf coast:

  • Experienced Professional Photographers: Our lead photographer has over 30 years of experience, 20 year of experience in professional photography, and 12 years of experience in professional studio photography.
  • High-end photography equipment: We use top of the line cameras, lenses and lighting systems to deliver to our clients the highest quality photographs for both personal and professional use.
  • Hair and makeup on site: the studio has three hair and makeup stations ready for hair styling and full makeup application, and retouching during the photo shoot.
  • One hour turnaround: passport, profile and other professional and business photos are generally ready to deliver to the client within one hour.
  • Photo editing: we routinely edit photos to remove minor blemishes. Deeper polishing and artistic editing are also done in the studio, if requested by the customer.
  • Professional Printing and framing : We produce prints in studio from 2″ up to 44″ wide, including panorama and canvas prints. The turnaround time for passport photos and small prints can be as short as 15 minutes. Large Prints can be ready to pick up in 24 hour. Our customers have a wide spectrum of options of print quality from standard photos to museum-quality fine art prints. Larger prints are made to order. We sell standard size frames in the studio. Large frames are made to order.
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