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Model photo shoot preparation

How to prepare for my modeling portfolio photo shoot? What to bring to my model photo shoot? What to do on the day of my modeling photo shoot?

Model portfolio photo shoots at Pix Plaza Studio can be scheduled by models, their photographers, agents and agencies, or Pix Plaza studio staff.

How to prepare for my modeling portfolio photo shoot?

While modelings photo shoots have a standardized basis, they can vary widely in certain aspects related to the model’s talents and chosen genres and career lines. It is best to have a conversation with your agents to learn what exactly are they looking for out of your modeling photo shoot.

The focus of the shoot will be showing your:

  • Face: look and expressions
  • Body: shape and tone
  • Skills, talents and abilities

What to bring to my model photo shoot?

There’s a diverse wardrobe in the studio that includes clothes, shoes, accessories…, and is generally sufficient for all types of modeling. However, many items in the wardrobe are available for rent and certain styles/sizes may not available at the time of your photo shoot. Therefore, we always advise that you bring:

  • At least one clothes item suitable for each genre of modeling you have marked when you filled out your model application, or is required fro your photo shoot
  • Footwear to go with the outfits/genres
  • Accessories

While we recommend that you bring trendy items, your generally do not need to go shopping for the photo shoot. You can always pick up your best fit out of your existing wardrobe. Keep in mind, however, that being in a certain season, do not necessarily mean that the clothes to wear during the shoot should be for the current season.

What to do on the day of my modeling photo shoot?

  1. Plan ahead and make sure you’ll be able to make it on time–this is extremely important!
  2. Make sure your makeup done to perfection. This is single most important preparation.
  3. Poses: try as many poses at home as possible. See sources like Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube etc..
  4. Get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep the night before, and as much rest as possible before the shoot. Have a light meal (breakfast/lunch) before the shoot 
  5. If you don’t have prior experience, plan for 3-4 hours in the studio to allow enough time for model coaching.

Two more things:

  • If you have received an invitation to have a free modeling session, fill out the booking by invitation photo shoot form on https://pixplaza.com/info/booking-by-invitation/
  • If you have Pinterest, or any other social media platform, create a collection of your favorite poses and share it with the studio staff by email at info@pixplaza.com.

What happens in the studio?

You will be greeted and directed to the reception area where you will have a conversation with the photographer to go over the plan for the photo shoot and review and fill out the required forms.

You will then have a tour around the studio and receive safety instruction. Once you are familiar with the studio layout and setup, the photo shoot will start. If it is your first modeling photo shoot in a professional studio, relax and take it easy. You’ll have enough time to learn and get used to your surroundings. Pix Plaza studio is a no judgement zone.

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