Talent Auditioning

Talent requirements:

Talent Classification: model, actor /actress, general public with prior experience in similar settings (see project details)

Gender: not specified

Age: minimum 16, maximum not specified

Skills: ability to project confidence, a professional look and demeanor, and ability to speak fluently

Outfit: professional office outfit and shoes. A suit is preferable. Talents bring their own.

Hair and makeup: Talent must come to session ready with a simple hairdo and light, daytime makeup–both being suitable for an office environment.

Release: all talents must sign the session’s paperwork prior to the start of the session.

Selection: two talents will be selected following a test session.

Consideration: will be offered to selected talents based on experience and performance.

Property right : the production is the intellectual property of Pix Plaza studio. Talents will not have the right to use any part of the the session’s video recordings.

Other considerations: in return for non-selected talents’ time and effort, a monetary compensation or a free session (photo and or video) will be offered. Talents will be able to use the produced photos and videos from the free session for their own non-commercial use.

Current Project:

Project code: PPV-JI

A professional interview set.
Questions and answers will be provided prior to recording.
Some questions will require non-rehearsed answers.
Multiple takes are allowed. The recoding will be edited to maintain fluency.
Additional project details will be provided on set.



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