Boudoir photo shoot at Pix Plaza studio. Photos are private. Access to this boudoir photo gallery can only be authorized by the subject in the photos. Pix Plaza will not give the password to anyone without a written permission from the client.

Teen girl taking a selfie with white iPhone pro max


Ellie is an animal loving southern beauty. She has a mini farm but is deathly afraid of frogs! Don’t let her initial quiet and shy demeanor fool you, she has a hidden sense of humor that will shine when she gets comfortable.

Actor Royce Johnson

Actor Royce Johnson’s Professional Profile Photos. This is a private photo gallery for client review only. To gain access to photos on this page, you must contact Mr. Johnson, or his agent.

Boudoir photo

Lady in White

Boudoir photo shoot. Boudoir Photos taken at Pix Plaza Studio, This photo gallery is private–password is required to view photos.

CB Realty 2

Pix Plaza studio – Real estate photography service in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama gulf coast and Florida’s panhandle. Property listing in Hancock county

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