Pix Plaza Studio provides a full suite of photography services in studio, on location, and anywhere outdoors.

Our photography services are grouped into three main categories:

Personal Photography

Photos (and/or videos) take it for personal use. This category includes a every wide spectrum of photography services including wedding photography, portrait, senior and graduation, baby photos, family photos, passport photos, and much more.

Professional Photography

Photos taken for professional use in digital format for online publication and marketing, or in print publications such as posters, signs, banners, flyers, and business cards produced by Pix Plaza Service.

Professional photography services is suited for doctors, dentists, attorneys, realtors, and all professionals in the financial, business, art and entertainment industries.

Business (Commercial) Photography

our services in this category of design for all businesses; small, medium, and large; providing services, or selling products, located in the US or anywhere in the world.

examples of our commercial business Business photography services include: product photography, real estate photography, drone Photos and videos, multimedia production for advertising, poster presentations, High quality print on standard, art, on fabrics and solid media.

These commercial photography services can you provide it as a standalone service, as part of marketing campaigns managed by Global Business Solutions LLC, or bundled with other business-to-business services provided by Global Business Solutions to business entities registered in the United States.

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