Real Estate Photos


Photos of real estate properties for property listing for sale or rent by owners, or by brokers or realtors (MLS listing). Please see full description including fee structure below.


Photos of real estate buildings or structures for property listing for sale or rent by owner (e.g., or by broker/realtor (MLS listing). Photos are taken at eye level. Drone images and video are not included. If desired, please contact us for a quote.

Fee structure:
Ambient light Real Estate Photos: $0.15/Sq Ft
Camera flashlight (portable) photos: $0.20/Sq Ft
Studio strobe light (on stand) photos: $0.25/Sq Ft

The booking fee of $150 is the minimum service fee, payable at the time of booking online. The balance due, if any, is payable at the time of taking the photos or upon receiving an invoice (by text or email)

For properties that are more than 15 miles from the studio, a $12 fee is added for each 5 mile increment


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