Photo Editing

Our professional photographers and photo editors are trained to apply subtle artistic enhancements to photos using highly specialized expertise

Unlike mobile phones that have a little brain in them that enable automatic processing of images and applying different enhancements using artificial intelligence, or filters chosen to optimize the photos–and oftentimes over process image that look fake and pretty unnatural or not a true representation of the actual look of the person in the photo, professional cameras are designed to take very sharp images that are true capture and presentation of the light, color and texture data of the subject and its surroundings. Hence, professional photographers and photo editors, often referred to as retouchers, are trained to apply more subtle artistic enhancements to photos using their high expertise in using digital software, like Adobe Photoshop, to present their own human intelligence and art to images.

Possibilities of photo editing or unlimited but we will focus on specific examples that are most commonly requested by our clients.

Photo Perfection

Blemish removal and skin polishing

Without makeup and a generous amount of foundation, most people’s skins show blemishes that become obvious when using high end professional cameras and lenses. Therefore, editing out the obvious blemishes and softening the skin, without diminishing the sharpness of key facial elements such as such as the eyes and lashes, is generally the first step in photo editing (retouching).

Photo Brightness and Color:

In the After image below, the retoucher went further and applied color effect based on the scientific theories of color and color grading, to add a pleasing color effect to the photo. Use the slider to full reveal before and after images.

[bafg id=”6786″]

Image modification

Beyond Perfection

Just like some people choose to have body modification procedure with surgery or injections, digital images can be modified with digital image “surgery.” While photo perfection is removing blemishes without changing the appearance of the physical characteristics of the person in the photo, image modification goes a step, or several steps, further to correct what the subject might consider as flaws in their appearance. A professional photo editor/retoucher tries to make such changes as subtle as possible while achieving the look the subject is looking for. This fine work is far superior to what phone apps, especially with image filters, do where changes applied are not designed for each specific individual, but rather take a one-size-fits-all approach, and often exaggerate the “enhancement” in a way that looks unnatural, and even deceptive, to others. Moreover, studies have shown that phone apps filters can cause psychological problems to the users, particularly children and teenagers.

Try to spot the subtle modifications the editor did, beyond skin softening, color effects, and makeup optimization, in the comparison image below. The image to the left is before and the one to the right is after.

[bafg id=”6779″]

More editing techniques and example are coming soon.

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