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Definition of Consideration

In contractual Agreements: anything given or promised or forborne by one party in exchange for the promise or undertaking of another.

In written or verbal Agreements between Pix Plaza and Models: A monetary compensation or non-monetary reward or benefit offered to Model in return for the Model’s service.

Types of Consideration

A. Monetary consideration delivered by Pix Plaza Studio to Model in the form of paper check, electronic check, or another form of electronic money transfer, or cash payment.

B. Non-monetary consideration that takes many forms excluding exchange of currency. Examples of non-monetary include, but are not limited to: session experience, coaching, access to session images, goods or services offered free or at reduced price, publication, publicity.
If non-monetary considerations is discussed and agreed upon between the two parties prior to undertaking the modeling assignment or doing the photo shoot, then a non-monetary consideration may be offered to Model up to the discretion of Pix Plaza Studio.

Consideration Recipient

There are three possible options for consideration in a Model’s photo shoot at Pix Plaza studio

A. Model pays Pix Plaza in return for a modeling session experience, coaching, creation or update of a modeling portfolio and or a comp card, publication, and or publicity. See current service rate here . Model is considered a Client. Model is entitled to all photos selected and processed by studio/photographer. Model chooses method or delivery. Photos are posted on the studio’s website password-protected, unless Model requests public display. Photos will bear Pix Plaza’s logo, unless removal is requested by Model. Photos will not bear Pix Plaza’s Authenticity and Copyright stamp unless requested by Model. Without a stamp, Model’s photos may not be legally protected against theft, use, or misuse.

B. Pix Plaza pays Model for Model’s service (in exchange for Model’s time and expertise). We use Supermodels SE’s formula to calculate Model’s hourly rate. Matters of consideration when determining the pay rate include: Model’s age, experience, location; assignment’s location, details and complexity; travel and accommodation. When one or more of the factors needed to calculate the pay rate is unknown to Pix Plaza, it may propose to Model a pay rate range. Pix Plaza determine the exact pay rate, within the proposed range, at the beginning, during, or at the time of completion of the assignment. By accepting the assignment, Model agrees to a pay rate anywhere within the proposed range. Photos taken are the property of Pix Plaza and Model is not entitled to any photo. Pix Plaza may choose not to post any photo on social media, or even on its website, as such photos may be taken for a client’s marketing project. Studio or photographer may, at their own discretion, make a limited number of photos available to model for sharing on social media. In such case, photos will bear Pix Plaza’s logo and Authenticity and Copyright stamp–both must never be removed or concealed.

C. Mutual benefit is attained by both parties without monetary compensation. Either party may, at will and without obligation, offer the other party a non-monetary consideration. This arrangement is particularly common when Model does not have enough experience to qualify for a monetary compensation, yet Pix Plaza assumes a mutual benefit from engaging with Model. Pix Plaza posts Model’s photos on its website, and or agency website, and makes them available to model, publicly, password-protected, to share on social media. photos will bear Pix Plaza’s logo and Authenticity and Copyright stamp–both must never be removed or concealed.

Condition C applies whenever conditions A or B are not agreed upon prior to undertaking of the modeling job or photo shoot by Model.

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