Passport photos

U.S. passport application requires submission of a color photo taken within the last six months.

What are the passport photo requirements?

Submitting a photo that does not meet the Department of State requirements may result in delaying your passport application, and require resubmission.

Requirements include:

  • Clean, clear and color- correct photos without digital editing or added filters
  • Must be front facing without any face coverings, including eyeglasses
  • Must use plain white or off white background
  • must not be a selfie
  • Photo paper in his must be of high resolution and be printed on matte or glossy photo paper  
  • Print dimensions must be 2”X2” and have the right image proportions (Head must be 25 – 35 mm)
  • Must have Poker face or natural smile. Eyes must be visible.
  • Attire: wearing daily casuals, or suits, for passport photos is recommended. Avoid white and off-white colors so that your clothes don’t blend with the background—no uniform, face covering, or head covering without signed statement or doctor’s note. See for more info.
  • Red-eye flashlight effect would render the photo unusable. You must take and submit a different photo.
  • Photos of Babies and toddlers must not include any other person’s image. Photos with eyes closed are only acceptable if taken of infants.

Where can I take passport photos?

You can get passport photos taken at some chain stores and drugstores. However, to insure that your photos are taken professionally and meet the requirements of the Department of State, we recommend that you have your photos taken at PixPlaza Studio on Three Rivers road, near Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. Regretfully, customers who come to us after they have tried elsewhere, have to pay twice and wait twice. Get it right the first time and call (228) 334-4445, or book your passport photo appointment here

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