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Modeling for Pix Plaza

Pix Plaza’s clients and scope of work are diverse. Hence, modeling for Pix Plaza represents a great opportunity for models expands their skill set and national and international exposure.


There are, generally, three types of consideration the model is eligible for in return for modeling for Pix Plaza.

Monetary consideration

In this type of arrangement where models are paid in return for their service. This is our preferred arrangement where the images are taken for the purpose or project at hand with no obligation to deliver a copy of the images taken to the model for their own use.

Other considerations

In this arrangement, model receive tangible or intangible benefit from Pix Plaza or a third party in return for their service. Offers vary by time and location and oftentimes models find them more valuable to them than direct monetary compensations. This must be agreed upon prior to providing the service.

Free or TFP modeling

TFP stands for Time-for-print where the the model receives photo prints in return for their time. Nowadays, it is commonly providing digital copies of images, rather than prints, in return for the model’s service. Oftentimes models, especially new models who are not signed or don’t have much of experience, prefer TF or free arrangement, where they are not under any contractual agreement, in return for the experience, exposure and ability to share images on social media.

Free Modeling Photo Shoot

When we contact models, or individuals who seem to be the right fit for a specific project (see Models and Pix Plaza in the previous page), we ask them to fill out this free photo shoot booking form to reserve a studio time slot for their shoot and link their information to the project assigned.

Free modeling photo shoots are available by invitation only, either by Pix Plaza, its agents or by modeling agencies. That you are at this point on this page may well mean that you are eligible for a free photo shoot. You can go ahead and fill out the booking form. We will review your booking within 24 hours.

Book Online:

Model Sign up

If you are interested in modeling for Pix Plaza, you can contact us here.

If you are available for modeling nationwide or internationally, we suggest that you sign up on Supermodels SE self-service platform. We will automatically provide photos from your work for us to your online model portfolio. However, you must be directly and actively engaged to activate your modeling profile and gain the potential benefits from it.

This article was about models working for Pix Plaza studio. Please note that Pix Plaza studio offers service for models, such as training, creating models comp cards, and professional modeling portfolio that are not addressed in this article

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