Mardi Gras Biloxi 2023

Some of the activities on the floats and in the streets on Biloxi, Mississippi captured in photos by our photographer on Fat Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

Closeup orchid flower photo

Nature Close up

Close-up photos of objects taken from short distance, or zoomed in, to focus the viewer attention on a part of the object by making it fill the frame.


Random photos of random people at random places where our photographers happened to be, with a camera.


Amanda, a contemporary dancer, from Louisiana, takes part in Pix Plaza’s dance art project, and performs at Pix Plaza’s dance photography studio.

Soccer girl

High School Soccer

A collection of remarkable high school soccer moments from girls soccer and boys soccer games in MS. Photos taken by a Pix Plaza Studio photographer.

Thoughts of an Artist

Fine art images that present artists thoughts, have meanings, or are thought provoking. Each image may leave a different impression on, or have different meanings to, different individuals–that’s the beauty of it!

Virginia Crouse

Virginia Crouse, a contemporary dancer, takes part in Pix Plaza Studio’s art project and dances in studio in a video and photo shoot.


Photos and videos of high school swim team meets. All pictures were taken in southern MS. See related posts for more school sports photos.


High school athletes photos. Abbi of Long Beach High School girls volleyball team

Street Photography Album

Street photography album includes photos of events, people, objects and whatever else our photographers saw in the streets around the globe. Also includes pictures of stuff in the sky, and photos taken from the sky.

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