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Photography Services

Personal Photography

wedding, maternity, family, birthday…

Professional Photography

profile photos, executive photos, staff, business publications, company website…

Business Photography

Business Online posting, Print distribution, Product photos, Real estate photos…

Commercial Photography

Photos for Digital, Print, and Signage for ads and marketing campaigns

Video Services

Personal Videos

Wedding, vlogging, and any videos for personal use

Professional Videos

Professional Profile, Portfolio for professionals (doctors, lawyers…)

Business Videos

Business introduction videos, Services, Products, Real estate…

Commercial Videos

Videos for digital and TV advertising

Printing an Framing Services

Professional Photo and Art Prints

State of the Art Giclée Printing Process
We produce art gallery-quality photo and fine art prints using the highest quality materials and techniques in our studios of any size up to 44″ (3.67′) wide and up to 100′ long

Commercial Prints

Business publications, marketing and poster presentation prints. Ask us about our digital design services

Signage and Advertising

Print for signs of any size. Call or contact us online for more information


Framing service for home, business, commercial and artwork. Excellent deals when combined with other services and sales


Studio Rental

Our highly equipped studio is available for rent as studio at an affordable rate as low as $50/hr

Equipment Rental

The majority of our equipment is available for rental for any project in studio and on location

Fashion Wardrobe

Our popular modeling and fashion wardrobe is rentable for photo shoots anywhere. Shipping is available with purchase


Photography Supplies

Photography and printing supplies, including inks and a large variety of print paper sold at competitive prices, most are sold tax-free.

Equipment Sale

Photography, video, studio and printing tools and equipment (new, refurbished and used) sold at price points that can’t be beat.

Wardrobe & accessories

Our models wardrobe includes both new articles and some items we use only once and sell at discount price. We ship to all states

Customer Reviews

Professional photographer with affordable rates and prompt service. A+
Lex Vernie
Aircraft Acquisitions International
Very professional and friendly photographer. Needed picture for custom project and without hesitation, he made it happen. Highly recommend!!
I found the service and experience at” Pix Plaza” to be professional and of high quality . We were in need of quality photos and we were pleased with this agency I would highly recommend this business for your photographic needs .