Photography Lessons one-on-one


Photography and adobe lightroom and Photoshop lessons one-on-one.

Photography and editing lessons at our studio or through distant virtual learning: learn any genres of photography, and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, working directly with your instructor. Hands on training is included in studio classes, and field trips may also be offered as needed.

One on one classes, or small group workshops, to systematically learn photography under professional tutors. Our Photography course is broken down into nine levels. Each can be broken down into two or more classes, depending on the tutee’s preference and level of knowledge. The The number Within parenthesis is the average time needed for each level. The fee listed for each level is per hour.

Course Levels:

  1. Level One: The Basics of Photography — Exposure Triangle (1)
  2. Level Two: Essential equipment — camera, lenses and ambient light (2)(M)
  3. Level Three: Composition — choosing and positioning your subject (1)
  4. Level Four: Small lights — on and off camera flash lights (1)(M)
  5. Level five: Big lights — strobes and studio lighting (1)(M)
  6. Level six: Masters’ gear — light metering, color precision, and wireless triggers (3)
  7. Level seven: Advanced techniques — utilizing creativity tools, and using tools creatively (3)(M)
  8. Level eight: Summit — bring it all together (3)(M)
  9. Level nine: Art print — you want master it until you touch it (2)

Classes on niche topics, e.g. overpowering sunlight, HDR, HSS ..etc., can be requested from the tutor after completing at least two levels.

A subject is needed for most levels, and for some an experienced model is essential. We have added the letter M in parentheses were a human subject is essential. The model fee must be paid at the same time as the level fee, unless the tutee is bringing their own subject.

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