Frequently Asked Questions

Customers Q&A

Our services are provided to clients directly, or indirectly through their own photographers
Direct services include: br
  • WEDDING Photography
  • Custome packages from essential to extravagant. See wedding Q&A here
  • FASHION, Beauty, & Life Style Photography
  • For online and print publications
  • Includes all genres of personal, individual and group photography
  • Photography and video for any private or public event
  • and executive photos<
  • COMMERCIAL photography
  • includes product, services photos and videos, and media & ads production for marketing
  • VIDEO Production
  • inclues promotional productiona and videos for Youtube and social networks
  • Picture editing and restoration
  • we restore damaged pictues, and enhanc the look of intact, but flat-looking photos
  • On demand Services
  • You can request any service you need even if not listed on our website.
You can book, reschedule, or cancel your photo shoot session online here
To request any service not listed on our online booking tool, please contact us here
We recommend using our online contact form.
No. You must have an appointment before you show up at our studio.
Our work is geared towards fine art work rather than a typical mugshot portrait studio where every custiomer has to fit into the same boxed setup. We actually customize our studio setup for each customer.

Events & Weddings

Yes, we do. Anywhere in the 48 contiguous states where we have photographers, or where we can load our equipment and drive or fly to. It can be a simple wedding on the beach, or an extravgant party at a historic castle in the mountains.
We recognize that evey client and every wedding is unique. therefor, we customize our service packages to the needs and desires of our clients. We do not put out boxed packages; we'd rather speak with our clients to undertand what they are looking for and offer a service that is unique to them. To ive an idea of the level of our flexibilty, our wedding photography charge range from $500 to $30,000+.
We accept bookings between 1-24 months in advance.
Short notice bookings –30 days or less— are subject to a cancelation fee.
"Emergency" booking —within 48 hours— are only accepted when we feel that the rush would not affect our quality of service.
We do not. However, we do recommend hiring wedding planners affiliated with PixPlaza to get a discount on our service fee up to 25% when they include it within their service. They have their own business and their service is independent of ours.
You own wedding or event planner can also get a discount up to 10% when they inlude our service within their package.


The main services include:
  • Studio Rental
  • Fully-equipped photography studio for rent. Choose from several different, highly-customizable packages
  • Equipment Rental
  • for outdoors and on location jobs
  • Learn Professional Photography
  • through workshops and one on one session. the latter is included with studio and equipment rental
  • Online Services
  • Fully managed or self-managed websites woth booking, photo sale and online payment processing options
  • Business Consultation
  • Start your photography business with confidence, avoiding costly mistakes
  • high quality photo and art prints
  • up to 44" wide prints. If shootinng in studio, print and sell photos before your clients leave<
  • Assignments pool
  • Those jobs ather photographers can't take are yours. Grow your connections to be the first in line
  • Image authentication
  • Have Pix Plaza's image copyright and authenticity stamp on your images. Automatically add a watermark to prohibit unautherized use
You can rent the studio from 1-16 hours or for 1, 3, or 7 days, subject to availability.
Yes. We only charge 20% or less of the sales—compare to 40% or more on similar popular websites. All images mut be authenticate by PixPlaza.
Moreover, you can order your own website with e-commerce and sell your photos on your own and retain 100% of your profit.
Yes. We can protect your photos from prying eyes with a assword that you can share as you wish.
A paid membership gives you more options, including hving your own web pages and photo galleries accessible only by you, access to members section and great discount offers, and an option to give access to your clients to select pags and photo galleries.
Yes. You can sign up to our workshops, or request one-on-one photography class.
Please note that studio rentals includes basic trainig on the use of the essential studio equipment. Advanced training must be requested separately.

Website visitors

1- Search online, 2- ask your photographer, 3- ask us
The majority of hotos are posted on our website extension. However, some photogrphy projects, such as school sports project, may have branched into their own websites.
Moreover, photographers have the option ot restrict access to certain sets of photos. In such cases, the access password can only be given by the photographers who restricted the access to their photos.
We do not typically post all the photos taken at public events, which can amount to thousands. Contact teh event organizer, the photographer(s), or contact us. If you reuest your photos from us, we will use artificail intellegence, but may still need your help, to identify you.
Yes, you can. However, there are two main categories of photos:
Public (stock) photos that any one can purchase
Private photos that can only be purchased by the individual(s) featured in the photo, pet owner, property owner ..etc.
You can purchase photos, along with other products and services, on our online store here

About us

About us

In service since 2008

We have been serving the photography and media production community since 2008

PixPlaza is the media production division of Global Business Solutions LLC. Our services for businesses are integrated into GBS' business consultation and management work flow. Our services for individual clients are provided as stand alone services for maximum flexibilyt and affordability.

Our services are a continuation and expansion of the scope of services provided by MBN. We built our work model on the qualty and reoutation of our predecessor, and moved it a whole new level.

PixPlaza has three distinct service lines. We produce commercial media for businesses, provide professional services for photographers and their customers, and provied  a wide range of customized services for our clients

We are focused on, and committed to, providing the most complete and satisfactory services possible to all users of our services and products. As a service business, we understand that our value is based on our clietns satisfaction. Meticulous work, excellence, honesty and confidence are our core values

We offer best in class service for your needs

About Us

PixPlaza is a multimedia services provider. We provide our services to our client directly, and to photographers to serve their clients

Our Contacts

9424 Three Rivers Rd, STE D
Gufport, MS 39503