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  • Birthday Photos

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    Professional and fun birthday photo shoot session for anyone of any age. You can have up to 8 friends in one booking. Make it a birthday party in studio. You can also take photo and video selfies.

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  • Professional Profile Photos


    Photos for professionals (doctors, dentists, lawyers, Realtors, Bankers, CEOs …) for professional use (business card, brochure,  posters, signs, website photos, online profile …)
    Three professional poses in one or two professional outfits. Duration of the session is 30 minutes.
    Photo sessions can be booked as an individual session, or a group session (up to 10 individuals in one session)

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  • Graduation Photo Shoot

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    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Commemorate this special milestone with a personalized graduation photo shoot. Our expert photographers will work with you to capture photos that reflects your unique personality and achievements. Choose location between studio, outdoors, or on graduation site. Get outstanding graduation photos taken professionally, in studio for optimal quality, or outdoors or any other location for a large group of friends. 


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  • Personal Profile Photos & Videos for social media

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    A full hour of taking photos and videos for social media in a professional, yet fun, studio environment.

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  • Confidence Booster Photoshoot

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    Confidence booster photoshoot session is a special type of boudoir session designed by PixPlaza to help overcome a common problem called body dysmorphia–that is our perception that there is one, or several flaws, in our look–face and/or body, whether others acknowledge or deny them. Confidence Booster sessions help us realizes our own beauty in a new light, and see our true selves in ways we have not been able to recognized before. This session is design by the explicit, Pix Plaza’s experts, based on many years of expertise in beauty and boudoir photography, and deep understanding human interactions and perceptions, to provide the relaxed, comfortable and warm environment for you to explore and discover yourself, your beauty and sensuality more than ever before. This session is intended for you, just you, not to satisfy anyone else or anyone’s opinions or perceptions. Live this unique experience now, and do it just for you! 

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