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Photo Shoot Invitations

We occasionally invite individuals for photo shoots at our studio.

Free Photo shoots

We offer free photo shoots for

Modeling agencies

This option is only available to agencies that are contracted with Pix Plaza Studio to provide photo, video and/or marketing services.

Studio Tests and Promotions

These free shoots are based on time-for-mutual-benefit concept. We offer free photo shoots to individual, models and ordinary people, novice and experienced, for one or more of the following purposes:

Studio Tech Tests

We continually test new photography and video equipments and techniques. We need human subjects for some of our tests.

Projects Preps

Preparation for some of the unique projects we do for our clients require test shots or video takes to test our setup for the project.

Ads / Promotions

The best individuals to help promote our clients, or our own, products and services, are oftentimes the local talents we discover.


We often run into individuals who, their look, character, talent, role in the community ..etc., add diversity and uniqueness to our work.

For the majority of the purposes we mentioned above, we’d be more than happy to pay for the talent’s time and effort, provided that they have the experience and punctuality to help complete the work timely, efficiently, and proficiently. The scale of pay is largely dependent on experience and the local market rate where the project takes place.

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