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This is a test to display a story created with Google Web Story for WP.


You create a story in a way similar to creating adobe spark post, then, when published, it looks more like an Instagram story.

Due to its simplicity, this plugin super easy to use to create a web story as a standalone post, or embedded on a page or a custom post. As a stand alone post, it’s beautifully displayed in full screen; However, when embedded into a post or a page, you have next to zero control of the story block.

To see this story in stand alone, full screen display, click here

The plugin is quite acceptable for version 1.0.0, but it does leave much to be desired. For example, the only the share option is “Get link.” We will continue experimenting with this plug in, and update this review accordingly, particularly if adding multiple stories would affect page load Speed.

It is still one of life’s mysteries why google creates awesome apps and services, never promotes them, and then kill them because Hardly anyone knew they existed.

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